North Korea test-fires another rocket

It is unusual for the North Koreans to defect in this manner, because of the danger of crossing the heavily mined border, which is also intensely guarded by the armies of the two countries. Before that, US Forces Korea had attempted to deliver the fuel by truck, but had been blocked by local residents.

A North Korean soldier defected to the South in September past year, and a teenage North Korean soldier defected in June 2015.

South Korea's President Moon has rejected the possibility that South Korea might scale down its drills with the US.

South Korea successfully test-fired Friday a ballistic missile with a range far enough to hit any part of North Korea, as it seeks to counter the North's growing missile threat.

Officials and athletes of the North Korea-led International Taekwondo Federation stand behind South Korean youth taekwondo practitioners holding a welcome sign and wave to the crowd gathered at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul after their arrival on June 23, 2017.

The death of American university student Otto Warmbier this week after his release following 17 months of imprisonment in North Korea has hardened the USA position and cranked up tensions in Asia.

The test would have involved the upper stage of a multi-stage rocket for use either as a space launch or as an intercontinental ballistic missile.

South Korean officials, including President Moon, will meet with President Trump later this month to discuss a joint strategy to stop North Korea's weapon development.

Until then, the South had been barred from deploying ballistic missiles with a range of more than 185 miles and a payload of more than half a ton because of concerns about a regional arms race.

North Korea has carried out five nuclear tests and is said to be preparing a sixth.

The United States has tried for years to discourage South Korea from developing longer-range ballistic missiles in keeping with the Missile Technology Control Regime, a voluntary global arms-control pact.

USA officials tell FOX the test could be used for a future inter-continental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States or for a new rocket engine to put a satellite into space.

"We have come to a stalemate when it comes to North Korea", she said in response to a question from

"If our demands is met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium [on things] such as weapons testing", Kye said in English in an interview posted on the website of Indian TV station WION.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday invited North Korea to the Winter Olympic Games to be held in the country early next year, while welcoming a North Korean delegation to the World Taekwondo Championships.

"Despite many years of urging North Korea to cease its unsafe and risky behaviour, it has continued to test ballistic missiles, it's continued its nuclearisation program, so we welcome any new, fresh ideas that the new administration has in dealing with North Korea". "That doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow, but they'll be able to test [an ICBM] sooner than I had thought previously possible".

Two months later they tried to launch a satellite, but it ultimately failed. The rocket exploded soon after liftoff.

  • Leroy Wright