'Must black death be broadcast, consumed to be believed?'

Even at the pivotal moment Castile very straightforwardly tells Yanez, "Sir, I do have to tell you, I have a firearm on me".

On Tuesday, state officials also released to the public a police dashboard camera recording of the shooting itself, along with a collection of other documents and evidence from the state's investigation into the shooting, The Washington Post reported. Castile was licensed to carry a gun.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez: "OK don't reach for it then". Mr. Yanez testified he feared for his life.

As Reynold's tries to remove her handcuffs, you can see the child begging her not to do anything that could get her "shooted".

The scene between Reynolds and her daughter provides an even deeper look into the initial aftermath of the shooting in Falcon Heights, Minn., which was live-streamed worldwide on Facebook by Reynolds, who was sitting next to Castile in the vehicle when the officer fired. The St. Anthony Police Department released a statement on Friday saying that the city would be better served if Jeronimo Yanez were no longer with the police force. Reynolds and the girl were both in the auto at the time of the shooting. Black community members, on the other hand, were 61 percent more likely than white residents to hear an officer say the least respectful phrases, such as using informal titles like "dude" and "bro", and commands like "hands on the wheel".

"I don't want it to be like this anymore", she cries.

"Mom, please stop cussing and screaming cause I don't want you to get shooted", the girl said.

"We're not hurt, but mentally we're scarred forever", Reynolds responds. Sprint, however, complied with the warrant, and turned over Reynolds' call records, voicemails, and cell tower information that revealed her location. Reynolds' shell-shocked daughter likewise veers between calmly trying to comfort her mother and her own horror.

Conflicting Reports Over Cannabis SmellPhilando Castile was shot by an officer who claimed he was alarmed by the smell of cannabis coming from his auto. Former police officer Timothy Loehmann shot Rice twice within two seconds of arriving at the recreational center where Rice was reportedly "sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people". Reynolds told authorities that Castile was reaching for his wallet, not the gun. Reynolds began to tape after the officer fired seven shots into her boyfriend. But we all know that if this was a suburban, white family - this never would have happened.

This system and the people employed are supposed to protect and serve us, and yet it is created to do the opposite for black people. We're not supposed to "make everything about race".

As a black minority student attending an institution where I can count the number of people who look like me in class on my hand, this verdict is a problem.

CHICAGO - My brother-in-law, a volunteer constable in a small Arkansas town, once said that the answer to the tensions and violence between motorists of color and the police was for law enforcement to treat those they are sworn to protect with respect and politeness.

  • Salvatore Jensen