Modi remembers Emergency on its anniversary, pitches for preserving democracy

On the eve of Modis US visit, the Trump administration had dismissed reports that it has been ignoring India, saying President Trump realises that the country has been a “force for good” in the world and ties with it were important.

"Next week, the Indian Prime Minister, my friend, Narendra Modi will arrive in Israel, This is an historic visit to Israel". But even if that goes off well, Indian officials will be up the next day watching closely to be sure that Trump hasn't resorted to his other means of stoking controversy: The president's late-night Twitter posts.

The lawmakers, from the Republican and Democratic parties, said in a letter to Trump that high-level engagement with India had failed to eliminate major trade and investment barriers and had not deterred India from imposing new ones.

On the economy, India and US bilateral trade has almost doubled in the past decade, to $115 billion, but the trade deficit of $30 billion remains a matter of concern. But analysts and strategist are speculating it more of a business meeting, where Trump and his administration might try to pitch India its defense products or proposal to setup Nuclear energy power plant to counter Russia's presence in energy sector.

Modi's goal is to create a special bond with Trump, the prime minister's aides said.

Netanyahu said that relations with India, a country of 1.25 billion people and one of the world's largest economies, is on a steady increase.

A Hindu nationalist, Mr Modi was effectively barred from the United States for years after deadly communal riots in the western state of Gujarat while he was chief minister. The two leaders would spend several hours together in various settings including one-on-one and delegation-level meetings, a reception and a working dinner.

"Modi will try to give Trump some tweetable wins", said Ms Madan, which in the defence arena could see the announcement of a US$2 billion deal by U.S. manufacturer General Atomics to supply unarmed drones to India. This has translated into tightening of rules on the H-1B visa, used by many Indian companies to send skilled professionals to the United States, as well as vilification of firms that have moved jobs to Asia.

"That shows the kind of leaders they are: Both are innovators; both are business executives", said the administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to preview the visit.

"All of this is an additional expression of Israel's enhanced global position in recent years as we strengthen the State of Israel", he said.

With the current crisis in the Gulf where a number of countries led by Saudi Arabia have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar for allegedly supporting terrorism, the issue is expected to be discussed in detail.

Responding to a question about Pakistan, the official drew a distinction in the nature of the U.S. relationship: a strategic partnership with India; and cooperation with Pakistan.

"India too has its own viable startups and industry". They also mentioned social initiatives being undertaken by their companies in India in women empowerment, digital technology, education and food processing.

"The visit is another significant step in strengthening our joint work and the strategic partnership between our two countries".

The White House praised India for its "very positive" role in Afghanistan.

  • Zachary Reyes