Menendez: Senate health care bill 'devastating' for NJ Medicaid recipients

Additionally, about 20 percent of Medicaid spending goes to provide nursing home care, including for middle-class seniors whose savings have been exhausted - a situation nearly any of us might confront.

All four hail from states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA and have received billions of federal dollars to help them cover more low-income Americans. Yet it still would force those states to figure out what to do about the millions of lower-income Americans who used it to gain health coverage. Heller's seat is up for reelection next year, and a Democrat won Nevada's other Senate seat by a 2.4 percent margin in 2016.

Difficult, because several hospital and medical associations and the AARP also oppose the bill.

Only a few hours after the bill was released, four conservatives led by Rand Paul of Kentucky announced they'll need a host of changes to get to "yes". The state has added 200,000 more people to its program under the Obama overhaul. Sandoval reiterated his objections Friday during a joint news conference with Sen.

Nevada senator Dean Heller has become the fifth Republican to come out in opposition to the current draft version of the Senate healthcare bill. Neither he nor fellow Arizona Sen.

All appear ready to negotiate changes before the expected vote ahead of the week-long congressional recess around the July 4th holiday celebrating the U.S.'s 18th century independence from England. The current bill does not repeal Obamacare.

"If you have low-priced insurance, you go back to what you had before the Affordable Care Act, where you have plans that have all sorts of exclusions from coverage or you have to pay an extra amount", Giaimo said.

The expansion population in Arkansas topped 300,000 previous year, according to Kaiser. If they make it better for moderates, the conservatives will peel off.

Other GOP governors of expansion states were silent or issued statements saying they needed time to study the legislation's specifics.

Realizing they're outnumbered, Democrats and their liberal allies were planning events around the USA over the next few days aimed at building public opposition to the bill.

As Senate Republicans aim to force a vote on their version of Trumpcare - a bill that was written in secret, without public hearings, despite the fact that it will reshape one-sixth of the US economy and impact the lives of millions of Americans - most people have been left in the dark. The Senate bill would limit annual increases in Medicaid spending. OH is among the states hardest hit by the crisis. It did not sound like a lengthier phase-out of the Medicaid expansion would satisfy Heller the way it might satisfy, say, Ohio Sen.

The expansion has provided coverage to 11 million people in the 31 states that accepted it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has finally unwrapped his plan for dismantling President Barack Obama's health care law. The estimate was released Friday by Arizona's Medicaid agency, which analyzed the effects of the legislation on the state health insurance program for low-income people.

Obamacare: Imposes a number of taxes, such as a 3.8 percent tax on investment income on people earning more than $200,000 per year.

  • Zachary Reyes