Kevin Durant trolled haters by rocking an incredible championship cupcake hat

If you follow the National Basketball Association then you know Kevin Durant's story.

Russell Westbrook, the NBA's prince of passive-aggressiveness, posted an Instagram picture of a bunch of cupcakes. Left Oklahoma City to join Golden State last summer, got a lot of backlash from fans, media and former teammates, had a great season and dominated in the finals to win his first career National Basketball Association championship and Finals MVP.

As the story goes (as uncovered by SI's own Lee Jenkins), Westbrook Instagrammed a photo of cupcakes on the Fourth of July previous year after Durant made his decision to leave the Thunder.

Much has been criticized about Kevin Durant's move to the Golden State Warriors last summer, but at the end of the day, the former MVP and one of the most lethal offensive weapons in league history has finally got the ultimate validation to a stellar career - an National Basketball Association title.

Durant wore his hat to teammate JaVale McGee's charity softball game in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday. Instead of the cherry on top, there was a ring in reference to the National Basketball Association title he and the Warriors won earlier this month.

Sometimes it's he who has the championship ring who gets the last laugh.

  • Julie Sanders