India's Modi meets USA execs ahead of first encounter with Trump

In our cover graphic, you're able to see India's PM Modi centered between Apple's CEO Tim Cook and Cisco's executive chairman John Chambers.

"While Indian businesses continue to benefit from open U.S. markets, India has failed to eliminate, or even address concretely, multiple trade and investment barriers that have been the focus of recent bilateral and multilateral fora", the letter said.

"Old partnerships, new friendships", tweeted Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Gopal Baglay.

In an article written in Wall Street Journal, Narendra Modi stated that a year after his last visit to the USA, he was confident in the growing convergence between the two nations. Reiterating his government's commitment to reforms, the Prime Minister told the gathering that the "implementation of the landmark initiative of GST could be a subject of studies in US business schools".

Among other CEOs present at the meeting were Shantanu Narayen from Adobe, Ajay Banga from Mastercard, David Farr from Emerson, Doug McMillon from Walmart, and Punit Renjen from Deloitte Global, Jim Umpleby from Caterpillar, Alex Gorsky from Johnson and Johnson, Jamie Dimon from J P Morgan Chase, and Marillyn Hewson from Lockheed Martin.

Upgrading US-India relations is a safe and winning long-term bet for an administration facing a surfeit of near-term challenges and bad press.

He said the world is now focused on India's economy, especially in areas like manufacturing, trade, commerce, and people-to-people contact, due to a young population and a rising middle-class. "U.S. companies have a great opportunity to contribute to that".

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that "strategic issues" would be on the table when he holds talks with his "true friend" Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the two leaders look to strike a personal rapport in their maiden meeting. Modi's "make in India" campaign also directly contrasts with Trump's "make America great again" rhetoric which aims to return manufacturing to America. Important strategic issues to discuss with a true friend!

But Trump administration officials have pointed to both leaders' impact on social media - each has more than 30 million Twitter followers - as proof that they are cut from the same cloth, and predicted the two would get along well.

Modi leaves for U.S. after concluding Portugal trip: Modi on Saturday left for the U.S. for his first meeting with President Donald Trump after concluding his brief visit to Portugal during which the two nations signed 11 agreements. A White House official who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity ahead of the visit said the United States wanted to treat India as a major defence partner.

"This is a very significant step in strengthening relations between the two countries", Netanyahu said.

The US decision to sell 22 Guardian drones to India - the first such American transaction with a non-NATO ally - reinforces the strong defence ties that the two nations have established over the last decade.

"The White House has been abuzz, a lot of agencies have been working together", a lot of preparatory work has been underway "to make it a memorable visit".

"This visit is an opportunity to strengthen the US-India strategic partnership which the President very much views as a critical partnership in promoting stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region and globally", the official said, dispelling doubts about bilateral ties under the new US government.

Trump built a Trump Tower property in Mumbai and spoke warmly of India during his presidential campaign a year ago. Modi has said that India would go beyond the Paris agreement as climate protection was part of India's ethos.

  • Leroy Wright