Golden State star Stephen Curry: no plans to visit Trump White House

A Twitter rumor made the rounds Tuesday and was picked up by a number of major outlets that the Warriors planned to, as a team, skip what has become a traditional White House visit for the NBA Champion.

"I remember exactly where I was this time past year, and it wasn't a great feeling", Curry told the crowd at a rally after the parade. "I think it's important, but it's also important for the players because it's really about them to make the decision whether they want to go or not".

"I spent all day yesterday on the phone with countless people at Under Armour, countless people in Kevin Plank's camp, my team, trying to understand what was going on and where everybody stood on the issue", Curry said at the time.

Head coach Steve Kerr, one of the most politically conscious coaches in professional sports, has said the president's proposed immigration ban is "against the principles of what our country is about".

Curry, who is eligible for a five-year, $205 million extension, added: "It would mean everything [to stay together]. This nation has not moved a thread". Curry responded, "I agree with that description if you remove the "et" from asset".

But still in celebratory glow of Monday night's title, the available Warriors on Wednesday - Kevin Durant, Curry, Shaun Livingston and Klay Thompson - reiterated that there has been no official team discussion or decision. "I might call him and say, 'If they ask, just say our schedules conflicted.' And then if y'all write something, we'll say, 'Fake News'". That's a long way away. "So, I'll have that mindset, KD's going to have that mindset".

Although professional athletes have rejected invites to the White House for political reasons in the past, it seems to be more commonplace after Trump's election.

"We're going to do what our leader [Curry] does", Iguodala said earlier in the week. "Y'all might write about it". [They said] he couldn't play in the league, he couldn't start in the National Basketball Association.

"It's a panel", Livingston said. With the Warriors being just one game away from the 2017 championship title and having the opportunity to play on their home court, the Cleveland Cavaliers were forced to play with vigorous desperation.

One Warriors fan wants to make sure the other players follow suit, so they started an online petition for everybody on the team to not go to the White House to celebrate their championship. "We'll handle that accordingly and responsibly and, like I said, do the right thing for us individually and as a group".

  • Julie Sanders