FIA analysis proves Hamilton did not brake-test Vettel

Daniel Ricciardo claimed his fifth Formula One career victory by fighting back from 17th to win an incident-packed Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Ricciardo started in 10th, but a insane races that saw six retirements and multiple safety cars allowed Ricciardo to move through the pack to take his first win of the year, CBNation reports.

Sebastian Vettel insists that the stop-and-go penalty applied to him in Baku after his swerved at Lewis Hamilton was too harsh.

Data from Lewis Hamilton's vehicle proves he did not brake test Sebastian Vettel under the Safety auto at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

In an incredibly eventful Grand Priz in Azerbaijan, eventually won by Australian Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel let some road rage get the better of him and had a little tap at his old enemy, using his 200 miles per hour Formula 1 auto!

When asked by Sky Sports after the race if he considered it unsafe driving on his part, he replied: "Nothing happened did it?".

Vettel added: "He brake-checked me so what do you expect?" "I don't know what to say, there is nothing I can say that is going done and dusted, let's move on". "I am sure without his problems he would have been up there with me".

"I can't imagine he did it on goal in shunting into him, so I would like to speak to him personally and hear from him personally, to hear what he says about the incident rather than making a judgment without properly hearing or reading a statement". Driving alongside and driving deliberately into a driver and getting away scot-free, pretty much - he still came away with fourth - I think it's a disgrace.

The Australian headed home Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas and Williams rookie Lance Stroll, the latter scoring his first podium position. "I controlled the pace, like all the other restarts I slowed down in the same spot". (It was) risky driving (and) you only get a 10-second penalty for that kind of thing, I think it's.I don't need to say anymore. I think he disgraced himself today, to be honest.

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo on his way to victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. I really hope that kids don't see that and think that is the right way.

Following the top three drivers came Vettel in fourth and Hamilton fifth, meaning the German extends his championship lead to 14 points.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said the "gloves are off" between Hamilton and Vettel. "It was such a hectic race and I kept my head cool, the team kept me cool over the radio and we took it to the end". It wasn't right that I got a penalty and he didn't. It looked as though he'd done enough, but on the looooong run down to the finish line the Mercedes driver got enough of a run to pip him at the finish line by just a tenth of a second.

In the end, Ricciardo may have been the one to win a chaotic race but Stroll, at 18, undoubtedly won the event.

  • Julie Sanders