Eternal Badass Alysia Montano Runs 800 Meters Five Months Pregnant

Montano proves that she is indeed a real life Wonder Woman by completing the 800m race pregnant once again.

Olympic track runner Alysia Montano has never been one to let the presence of a fetus developing in her womb keep her from competing, and this year is no exception. The 31-year-old ran the race while five months pregnant with her second child. The 31-year-old athlete who is pregnant with her second child has been making headlines since finishing about 19 seconds behind the victor recording a time of 2 minutes, 21.40 seconds.

"I don't define myself as a runner", Montano added. Montano assured anxious people that she was well hydrated and felt absolutely fine.

The couple made plans to get pregnant again past year following the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but they were prepared to put it off due to the Zika outbreak in Brazil. "I think there's something about coming out to any venue, not really expecting to win, but just going along with the journey and seeing what comes out of it".

Montano seems to have more patience than I would, saying that she takes care of herself, and besides, "I'm not super-duper delicate", she said.

Back in 2014, she competed in the 800 meters while eight months along because she wanted to show women that they should still be active while pregnant.

"I thought it (the film) was fantastic", Montano said.

  • Salvatore Jensen