Donald Trump says hola to solar to keep the Mexicans out

Promising once more to erect a wall on the Mexican border, he raised the possibility of building it with solar panels - an idea he reportedly floated earlier this month - using the energy thus generated to help cover construction costs.

And despite the U.S. leader's repeated statements, Mexico has consistently derided the idea that it would pay for the wall's construction, valued at between US$8 and US$40 billion (RM34.33 and RM171.63 billion). "We look forward to continue working with the United States government against drug trafficking based on the principles of shared responsibility, teamwork, and trust".

"Think about it, the higher it goes, the more valuable it is. Pretty good imagination, right?" "We will build the wall". WaPo used the opportunity to highlight the pitfalls of putting solar panels atop of border wall. "And that's good, right?" said Donald Trump.

During his campaign, Mr Trump pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Speaking at a rally in Iowa on Wednesday, Trump said the panels could be fixed to the wall and provide cheap energy for the country.

The president drew a lot of excitement when talking about the proposed border wall, and proposed a new addition to the wall.

But the idea may be not that new.

So far, 20 companies have been shortlisted to build the wall for the current administration. 200 design applications for the wall have been submitted, and some of these applications contains solar panels - not to mention the fact that others have written about the idea independently in the Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal.

President Trump on Thursday claimed Mexico is the second deadliest country in the world, behind only war-torn Syria, prompting an official rebuke from Mexico's government asserting Trump's statement was not true.

Mr Trump made the comments during a raucous political rally in Iowa on Wednesday (local time), where he also defended his record, rejected a Russian Federation investigation as a witch hunt and said he was succeeding against all odds, despite no major legislative achievements. "Does that make sense?"

  • Leroy Wright