Al Jazeera faces closure demand

The four countries say Qatar must shut down its Doha-based news network Al-Jazeera and its affiliates, sever ties with "terrorist organizations" such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah, and immediately close Turkey's military base outside the Qatari capital.

The list demanded Qatar to cut diplomatic ties with Iran and to kick members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard out of Qatar and cut off any joint military cooperation with Iran.

The United Arab Emirates on Friday warned of "divorce" with Qatar unless it takes seriously a list of demands including the closure of Al-Jazeera television, as a diplomatic crisis drags on.

The countries delivered a list of demands to end the embargo Thursday and gave Qatar 10 days to comply with the ultimatum.

The demands include an insistence that Qatar - long considered by its neighbours to be a maverick - align itself "militarily, politically, socially, economically" with other Gulf and Arab states. The list of requests from #Saudi Arabia, the #United Arab Emirates,Egypt, and Bahrain, includes the closure of the Turkish military base in #Qatar, a Reuters report said.

Qatar reportedly has 10 days to meet the list of conditions.

Turkey's defence minister rejected suggestions that it should review its military base.

Qatari citizens were expelled from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, and those countries also banned their own citizens from entering Qatar.

Gargash called on Qatar to stop harbouring individuals who are sanctioned regionally and internationally for terrorism, as he put it.

Turkish exports to Qatar have tripled from their normal levels to $32.5 million since four Arab countries began boycotting the Gulf state on June 5, Turkey's Customs and Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci said late on Thursday.

"The strengthening of the Turkish base would be a positive step in terms of the Gulf's security", Isik said.

After the crisis erupted last week, Saudi Arabia closed Al Jazeera's bureau in Riyadh and halted its operating licence, accusing the network of promoting "terrorist groups" in the region.

Qatar has said it will not negotiate until Arab nations lift their blockade against their neighbor.

U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson cancelled a trip to Cancún this week in an effort to bring the dispute between the USA allies to an end.

The administration of Saudi-backed and resigned Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Libya, the Maldives, Djibouti, Senegal and the Comoros later joined the camp in ending diplomatic ties.

Not to fund any other TV stations, including Al Jazeera, Arabi21 or Middle East Eye.

If Qatar agrees to comply, the list sets out that it will be audited once a month for the first year, and then once per quarter in the second year after it takes effect. "Re-evaluating the base agreement with Qatar is not on our agenda".

  • Leroy Wright