United States fells 2nd aircraft this week over Syria

Sharif said the attacks were launched from two provinces of mostly Sunni Muslim population 'to send the message of Iranian unity against terrorism.

According to the AP, the "Guard's website as well as the Tasnim semi-official news agency, reported the strikes Sunday on Deir el-Zour, Syria".

"I can tell you it was an Iranian-made drone", Davis said, declining to speculate on who was operating it.

Iran's much-vaunted missile strike on Islamic State targets in Syria late Sunday was a flop, with six of the seven medium-range missiles it fired failing to hit their target, Israeli sources said Monday.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard says all six ballistic missiles it launched at Islamic State militants in Syria earlier this week hit their targets.

US intelligence analysts quickly concluded that Iran fired the missiles mostly in retaliation for a pair of Islamic State attacks earlier this month on Iran's parliament building and the tomb of the Islamic Republic's founder.

He pointed out that it was the first time that Iranian missile power showed itself to the world on the ground, and stressed that the enemies of the Islamic Republic should know that "in the event of an invasion or violation of worldwide law, they will be confronted with an overwhelming response".

Bir Qassab fell to Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels after it was abandoned a few months ago by Islamic State (IS) militants beating an eastward retreat to reinforce their urban bastion, Raqqa, against a US -backed coalition offensive, and oil rich Deir al Zor province, which borders Iraq.

The missile strike was meant as retaliation for the deadly twin terrorist attacks carried out by IS militants in Tehran early this month, cutting short 18 innocent lives and wounding dozens more.

Activists in Syria said they had no immediate information on damage or casualties from the strikes, nor did the Islamic State group immediately acknowledge it.

Separately, Fox News has learned more about the Iranian missiles fired into eastern Syria yesterday.

The threats come as Iranian politicians and military leaders amp up their rhetoric against the Trump administration following a series of strikes in Syria on Iranian-backed forces bolstering embattled President Bashar al-Assad. The blow has forced ISIS into retreat in Iraq and Syria.

Bir Qassab, a rugged, desolate area, was a former stronghold that had given Islamic State a springboard for attacks on state-controlled territory just to the east of Damascus and a base for maintaining their grip on large swathes of the Badia region.

The IRGC statement said that the attack "was a message" and a "warning" to "Takfiri terrorists, their regional supporters and their supporters outside of the region". "This happened even as the US Senate passed a bill focused on Iran's missile power".

Missile attack on ISIS was a decision on the basis of "national security", he said during an Iftar ceremony with clerics.

  • Leroy Wright