'Toy Story' Writer Says Andy's Dad Backstory is Definitely Not True

Fan theories have speculated on what might have happened, but this week we got word from an official source. Their conversation about Andy's backstory took place over a decade ago, he said, before Ranft died in 2005.

From there, the toys reawaken, assuming Andy Jr is in fact Andy Sr and the main Toy Story timeline kicks off. So we don't see a lot of his parents, and you may have noticed that Andy's dad is only recently out of the picture, since Andy has a baby sister at the beginning of the first film. Since Toy Story 4 does not come out for another two years (June 21, 2019), Andrew is on the relatively short list of people who knows what happens next for Woody, Buzz, and the gang, as well as what happened behind the scenes to Andy and his family in that highly-anticipated installment.

During a livestream earlier this month, toy product designer and reviewer Mike Mozart shared that he'd served as a toy consultant for Toy Story, helping his friend Joe Ranft, Pixar's former head writer.

Of course, it's possible that Ranft, the film's story supervisor, simply spitballed some ideas with Mozart, which never made their way anywhere close to the actual script. So he wrote a letter asking the company to please send him the doll anyway... and since he was the only child who was interested in Woody after the launching of Sputnik made outer space stories more popular than cowboys, they sent him the one-of-a-kind prototype.

Although the child eventually recovered from the illness, his toys had to be burned to prevent the spread of the disease.

As he expressed in his simple yet profound tweet, Andrew Stanton was there in the very beginning, working on the first Toy Story screenplay alongside Joss Whedon, Joel Cohen, and Alec Sokolow.

"Everyone go back to your homes", tweeted Stanton. But his recovery didn't last forever, as he was later stricken with Post-Polio Syndrome. Andy's father calls Andy over to his bedside, giving him a key from his wallet and telling him to go bring down a chest in the attic. Sometime after the funeral, Andy Jr. opened up the trunk, finding Woody, Mr. Potato Head and Slinky. Only three of Andy Sr.'s possessions were saved from that time in his life: Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog. It's a fitting story, and it does suit the emotional content you'd expect from Pixar - while offering a few answers to long-standing Pixar mysteries.

  • Salvatore Jensen