Russia fires missiles from Mediterranean at IS in Syria

"The Coalition's mission is to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria". The administration has not explained how it plans to tackle the inevitable Iranian obstacle on the USA advance into eastern Syria, so Iran can not reliably gauge the scope and intensity of us commitment to this race.

Faisal Mekdad, the deputy minister, said Syria was "ready for the coming rounds of the Astana and Geneva tracks next month, based on preserving its sovereignty and unity and sparing the blood of its sons", state news agency SANA reported on Thursday. Those local forces, which the US calls the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, are now fighting to recapture the extremists' self-declared capital of Raqqa. This then produces new problems for force protection: recent strikes on regime-allied forces are largely aimed at protecting USA and allied forces.

It was an obvious show of force against Takfiri terrorists and their supporters. Instead, he said, getting rid of terrorists is more important - and he is prepared to work with anyone towards that end, including Moscow. The British forces, they are sharing in the training. You can also purchase a subscription and have full access to the site.

But the Iranian general insisted that what the Israelis had detected was the missiles' "detachable bodies", in Press TV's words, which were intentionally dropped in mid-flight over Iraqi territory. It was a clear warning by the U.S. not to allow any connection between the armies of the two countries forces fighting Daesh at the triangle between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

The U.S. keeps an aircraft carrier with dozens of F/A-18E fighters aboard in the Mediterranean about all the time and hundreds of F-15s and F-16s scattered around Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan.

ON JUNE 18th the unexpected happened.

U.S. officials say three top ISIS officials have been killed by the coalition around Mayadin. The internal rift and fighting for the helm of power in the Saudi Kingdom is becoming wider, after the crown prince Mohammed Bin Nayef was ousted, and the son of King Salman was named as the successor. Iran (which is non-Arab) leads the Shiite side, attended by its Arab auxiliaries - Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Shiite militias in Iraq and the highly penetrated government of Iraq, and Assad's Alawite regime.

Phillip Smyth, an expert on Shia militia groups in the region, believes that this advance was ordered by Iran.

Indeed, the Turks say Washington promised to take back the arms we gave the SDF once ISIS is crushed. Whether that is a sound calculation depends on the United States' ultimate goals in eastern Syria and the importance it places on them in the face of the likely array of Iranian threats.

Of course, Iran has an agenda in releasing details about this attack.

Haid said: "The difference now is that [the US] created a new area around al-Tanf and this is the area in which the tension is mounting". On the other hand, the Trump administration is deeply hostile to Iran, and key members of its national security team favor a more robust, long-term, USA -military presence in Syria to contain Iran.

The uneasiness between the U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies is getting clearer by the day with President Donald Trump raising apprehension about a possible shift in established policy.

  • Leroy Wright