Ray Tensing retrial: Judge declares mistrial after jury deadlocks

It was also the second time a jury has deadlocked considering this particular shooting.

"We are nearly evenly split regarding our votes towards a final verdict", the note read.

Former University of Cincinnati police officer Raymond Tensing reacts as Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Leslie Ghiz declares a mistrial on Friday, June 23, 2017 in Cincinnati.

Audrey DuBose, mother of the victim Sam Dubose, said in a statement that prosecutors made a "strong presentation" in the murder trial of former officer Ray Tensing but the family is "outraged" a second jury failed Friday to convict him.

Jurors had deliberated almost 26 hours through Thursday in former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing's second trial.

The retrial in the Ray Tensing-Samuel Dubose case ends in a mistrial.

Prosecutors said repeatedly the evidence contradicted Tensing's story.

Like the cases in Wisconsin and Minnesota that recently ended with acquittals, DuBose's death was captured on video.

However, the member station adds that prosecutors "argued Tensing was in no imminent danger but rather forgot his training and reacted in an unreasonable manner", and "a forensic video expert analyzed Tensing's body camera footage and testified the auto didn't begin moving until.178 seconds (less than a second) before Tensing fired the fatal shot".

During the stop, Tensing asked DuBose, 43, to take off his seat belt, and DuBose is seen turning on the ignition.

Tensing was the third United States law enforcement officer to be tried for shooting a black man in the last week.

The graphic body camera footage joined a macabre library of other videos showing fatal police shootings across the country.

Their exchange lasts less than two minutes and was captured on body camera video.

He was missing a front license plate.

"As I have said many times before, I do not believe that Sam DuBose should have been killed in that situation", Mayor John Cranley told reporters.

Tieger agreed with defense attorneys that DuBose did not comply with Tensing's commands but said that wasn't justification to shoot.

Deters said that Tensing said he pulled Dubose over because Dubose's vehicle was missing a front license plate. "I shot to stop his actions".

Prosecutors quickly announced murder and voluntary manslaughter charges against Tensing, and he became the first officer in Cincinnati to face murder charges for killing someone while on duty.

An attorney for Tensing had dismissed the murder charge as "unwarranted" and said he felt charges were likely due to "the political climate here and nationally".

The prosecutor during the first trial, Joseph Deters, had strongly criticized the shooting.

DuBose's family said they want a new trial and they urged that protests remain peaceful.

The NAACP of Cincinnati blasted the hung jury result and said they will demand justice.

DuBose was one of 991 people fatally shot by a police officer in 2015, a number that was essentially unchanged previous year, according to an ongoing Washington Post database tracking such shootings.

DuBose's killing was one in a series of high-profile, officer-involved shootings that sparked nationwide protests over the use of force by police.

  • Larry Hoffman