Microsoft brings their Software Repair Tool for Surface devices on Windows Store

A massive trove of confidential data containing Microsoft's internal Windows OS (operating systems) builds and parts of its source code have reportedly been leaked. Further, copies of officially released versions and secret builds of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 have been leaked as well, insists the report. However, it later became clear that the leak was smaller than originally reported, and what's more, much of this data had been made available.

The Register reported that about 32 terabytes of official and non-public installation images and software blueprints were uploaded to Beta Archive, with the last upload being earlier this week.

The site has now removed most of the leaks. This 64-bit ARM flavors of Windows, which hasn't been rolled out for public yet, and Windows 10 Redstone builds.

Some news organisations quickly jumped to conclusions over the leak, suggesting that 32TB of data was leaked, and that this would cause a large increase in security exploits on Windows 10. But Microsoft has asked users to consider this tool to be the first solution for any software problem on their device.

As indicated by Microsoft, Shared Source Kit is accessible just for qualified clients, undertakings, governments, and associates for investigating and reference purposes. "The folder itself was 1.2GB in size, contained 12 releases each being 100MB". The fact that BetaArchive administrators say that they were not forced by Microsoft to remove the code could indicate that this leak is not as significant as it seems. "This is far from the claimed "32TB" as stated in The Register's article, and can not possibly cover "core source code" as it would be simply too small, not to mention it is against our rules to store such data", they further added. Those along would not be cause for concern, since they are essentially easily attainable beta releases and defunct builds that have since been replaced by newer ones.

  • Carolyn Briggs