Michelle Carter's fate now up to judge

Roy sent his last text to Carter at 6:25 p.m. on July 12: "OK, I'm nearly there".

Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz is presiding at the trial.

"It's a new day and age", Rayburn said.

Carter's lawyer says Roy was intent on killing himself and took Carter along on his "sad journey".

"It was his constant wearing on Michelle Carter for over a year and a half of 'I want to take my own life, '" Cataldo said. They say she wielded enormous power over him: They contend that even as he was being sickened by the fumes and got out of his truck, she ordered him back in during a phone call. In the months after Roy's death, she reportedly raised hundreds of dollars for mental health awareness.

"Like, honestly I could have stopped it", Ms Carter wrote to her friend, according to Boston Magazine.

"She sat on the phone after telling an 18-year-old boy to get back in the auto to kill himself after he didn't want to, and she listened to him cry on the phone", Ms Rayburn told the judge, according to the Boston Globe.

Conrad Roy III poisoned himself with carbon monoxide, while sitting inside of his truck.

Prosecutor Maryclare Flynn said in opening statements that Carter "used Conrad as a pawn in a sick game of life and death for attention".

In October 2012, Roy's parents divorced and he attempted to commit suicide.

"She thought she was this grand, helping person who was going to help her boyfriend get what he wanted", he said.

Breggin said the drug should not have been prescribed to a child.

Dr. Peter Breggin uses a whiteboard to illustrate a point of testimony in the Michelle Carter trial at Taunton Juvenile Court on Monday. On Tuesday, Breggin cited text messages from two friends who said they witnessed marks on her arms to support his contention that the cutting did in fact occur.

But Bristol Assistant District Attorney Katie Rayburn said Ms Carter "created the harm" when she urged him to follow through with his suicide attempt.

Carter began taking Prozac in 2011, when she was 14, after developing anorexia, Breggin said.

Rayburn also pointed to Carter's texts to her friend Samantha Boardman in which she said she felt responsible for Roy's death- and admitted she was afraid the texts would be discovered.

At the time of Roy's death, Carter was 17. "I mean, you're about to die".

Breggin said he did not remember the specifics of that case, but disputed Rayburn's interpretation of his words. In it, he told her "we will meet up in Heaven".

Breggin spoke directly to Bristol County Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz about his theories regarding what was going on in Michelle Carter's brain at the time of the texting-related suicide, confirming that he had reviewed Carter's text messages, police records, and spoke to several people close to her. Judge Moniz will independently determine whether or not Michelle Carter is innocent or guilty at the conclusion of her trial, as the 20-year-old opted for a bench trial rather than a jury trial. "You're dealing with an individual who wanted to take his own life". "She has some significant issues herself". Carter was briefly hospitalized for an eating disorder in June 2014.

  • Larry Hoffman