Meek and Safaree Should Fight

Rap star Game is vowing to stay out of a new feud between Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill.

Samuels in his follow-up videos implied that he was not injured in the scuffle. Suddenly, two men appear out of nowhere and jumps Safaree. You saw me. You ain't do s-t. "They jumped me. whole bunch of n*ggas", he explained.

"Meek, you are the biggest pu**y on this planet", Safaree added. You had your n*ggas jump me. You act like you the hardest ni**a on this planet. You roll 20 deep everywhere because you are scared to death. All white, I'm still clean and I still got all my s- on but my n-a the way you move you move like a b-h. We know he's going to pay attention to it though.

Safaree dated Nicki, born Onika Tanya Maraj, on-and-off for almost 12 years, with things finally ending in 2014. At the time, Samuels said, his relationship with Minaj had already taken a downturn, and they eventually broke up when Mill entered the scene. "We just grew apart".

Samuels and Mill, of course, have a history of beefing. The producer also revealed in the interview that Minaj owes him royalties on account of his many contributions on The Pinkprint album. As Meek exited the auto, two slabs of beef who are said to be in Meek's crew went on attack mode and jumped Samuels.

  • Salvatore Jensen