Massive Mastiff wins 29th annual Ugliest Dog contest

'He's my sexy boy, ' Vicky Adler, of Davis, California, said of her eight-year-old Chinese Crested named Zoomer.

She was also the only dog in the contest whose handler was not able to hold her.

She was rescued when she was almost blind from neglect by the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project in Sonoma County, where the contest was held.

The competition - which goes viral every year - usually attracts smaller dogs that compete for a $1,500 prize and a big, flashy trophy, but it's Martha who was crowned the victor this time!

"She knocks over every water bucket no matter how securely attached to the fence", owner Shirley Dawn Zindler said. The California crowd was cheering for Martha from the beginning of the contest but she could not care less.

She's a 125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff. Zindler responded for her: "I'd gloat, but I need a nap".

She beat off stiff competition from 13 other mangy mutts - majority the kind of older, smaller dogs who dominate the competition.

Moe, a 16-year-old Brussels Griffon-pug mix, and the oldest dog in the competition, came in second, the Associated Press reported.

The homely hounds and their humans arrived hours before the show to socialize and size up the competition.

Like victor Martha, many dogs were adopted.

Fans of dogs who are amusing looking or, as some may call them, oddly attractive, gathered for the 29th annual ugliest dog contest. Chase, a 14-year-old Chinese Crested-Harke mix, came in third.

Monkey, a 6-year-old Brussels Griffon, and Icky, an 8-year-old unknown breed, were both rescued from the homes of hoarders.

The panel based their decisions on first impressions, unusual attributes, personality and audience reaction, the agency added.

And while each canine contestant had its own unsightly features, all of them had heartwarming stories, from neglect and abandonment to disabilities and surgeries.

  • Carolyn Briggs