Mark Wahlberg May Not Be Done With 'Transformers' Afterall

That is not all.

Now at least, there's some gravitas and emotion with Cade and Izabella, a runaway he ends up adopting on the fly played by Isabela Moner. "For comparison, 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction" made $100 million Dollars in three days.

The plot in this film is still a bit of a stretch, although the twists the filmmakers put on well-known Transformer's lore and characters spark enough interest to keep one watching. She has an incredible fight- or-flight response and she always chooses to fight.

I have managed to avoid the Bay films for a variety of reasons but finally chose to see what all the fuss was about thanks to some free tickets through a recent ODEON offer.

It's the unique idea of robots and cars. But at the same time, you feel good about it. "I think I need more to do than just kill Decepticons", he joked.

The film, which I am calling 'The Worst Film of 2017 So Far, ' gets an F and is rated PG-13. But this is the last one.

Not that the sexual objectification of women had ever hurt the old films at the box office.

Two years later, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was released, and it was the weakest of the entire franchise - something even Bay admits. His character William Lennox has become more powerful in each movie, rising from captain, to major, to lieutenant to colonel in the latest instalment "The Last Knight" which hits Irish cinemas this month.

His own cast members, however, have a hard time believing him. Anytime anywhere just let me know.' So we'll see.

"He's so protective over this fantastic thing that he's created that I can't imagine him walking away and letting somebody take over the helm". The first film, while critically divisive, is still looked back upon positively by most audiences. Glenn Morshower, who played General Morshower in two of the previous movies, returns as well. Most can overlook cheesy dialogue, unrealistic CGI filled action, and the typical over-the-top content that makes up these mind numbing sci-fi movies. Why does Optimus Prime still say "I am Optimus Prime"?

Meanwhile newcomer Laura Haddock and Wahlberg had lots of stunts and running to do on the action packed set.

"He's inspiring to see, for someone to dedicate so much time and energy and passion to a project". You see all the latest and greatest equipment around. What's interesting is that no other studio dared to counter-program Last Knight, which is amusing because it's not like the movie is vacuuming up the weekend's entire business. "And he could do it". No doubt he'll be thesp-shamed for putting out for the fifth Transformers movie but his pleasure in performing partially redeems a series of films that are generally worthless enterprises. Hasbro would certainly appreciate your business, and the children in your life could probably come up with something more entertaining than what Goldsman and company have delivered. I haven't even mentioned how the film keeps cutting back to the (supposedly) elite military force known as the TRF, who-despite the fact that they're present in almost all of its major battles-never seem to do anything more than get in the way.

Age of Extinction then did something novel by scaling the conflict down from world-ending proportions to your average evil-corporation-based tech thriller.

  • Salvatore Jensen