Majority of French back Paris Olympic bid

French President Emmanuel Macron shakes hands with spectators during a visit to an Olympic promotional venue in Paris on June 24, 2017.

A group of 300 kayakers of all ages took to the Seine River to kayak towards Alexandre III bridge, led by Paris 2024 Olympic bid leader and Olympic canoe slalom gold medalist, Tony Estanguet, in a kayak with Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo.

Paris and USA rival Los Angeles are the only two cities bidding to stage the 2024 Olympics, and the French capital is running a series of events over the weekend to promote its credentials.

In the Petit Palais, trampoline athletes bounced skyward toward the museum's ornate ceiling murals. Paris says it is bidding only for 2024. Olympic judo champion Teddy Riner and other French sports stars raced for fun in a 100-meter dash on a temporary track floating on the Seine.

In preparation for a 2024 Olympic bid, Paris transformed the area around the river Seine into an Olympic park, hosting events on Friday and Saturday to make one final push for the rights to host the games.

"The river banks really allow people to rediscover and to enjoy the river, the city, to have a calmer city, that's also what sport does", said Hidalgo.

As what once appeared to be something of a long shot bid for the games looks increasingly likely to succeed (whether the city hosts in 2024 or 2028), greater attention has been paid to the privately funded bid itself. Intel will also use the Games to demonstrate its 5G platforms, use its drones to perform a light show displaying "never-before-seen images in the sky', and provide 360° replays to fans - in the future, enabling TV viewers to experience what it's like at the front row of an Olympic event or to watch it from several different viewing points".

  • Salvatore Jensen