Long knives come out for Pelosi as Democrat losing streak grows

Vela supported Pelosi when Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan challenged her for the top leadership position after the 2016 election. "I am a master legislator". I'm a strategic, politically astute leader. "I don't think people in the beltway are realizing just how toxic the Democratic Party brand is in so many parts of the country", said Ryan.

In this week's Georgia and SC special elections, Republicans ran ads that targeted Pelosi.

Pelosi added that Republicans have long sought to target Democratic leaders in their advertising, "and usually they go after the most effective leaders".

In an interview, Ryan explained that Republicans are using Pelosi in ads to attack Democratic candidates in district races, like they did against Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

All the races were on GOP-friendly terrain. Heading into the 2018 midterm elections they will need to pick up 24 House seats to recapture a House majority next November.

But some rank-and-file House Democrats scoffed at such explanations and raised questions about Pelosi's continued leadership.

Others replied that it would take more than new blood - it would take an entirely different mindset that rejects negative politics - something Pelosi is well-known for.

With Republicans controlling both chambers, and President Donald Trump in the White House, now isn't the right time for new leadership, she said. "If we don't, then I think it's incumbent upon her and all of us to reassess who our leadership should be".

Pelosi should watch her back.

Pelosi laughed when asked about the tweet.

The apparent effectiveness of such attacks alarmed some fellow Democrats, and they show no signs of letting up.

Pelosi suggested that Republicans do not like the city's progressive values. Although he qualified his comments by admitting that off-year elections might not be the best indicators of regularly scheduled elections, Gergen said that the Republican victories should be a "wake-up call" for those wanting to oust Donald Trump in 2020.

The subtext wasn't a subtext at all because Pelosi wanted to send a direct message to her detractors: any junior member of the House Democratic Caucus who wants to go on TV and keep arguing for her removal as leader is welcome to do so. "And in our state and for me, marriage is between one man and one woman", Handel said.

"I think I'm worth the trouble", Pelosi said.

"I sat in a meeting the other day, and I listened to a rationale as to how we should be happy as a caucus because we didn't lose as badly this past two days ago as we did a year ago", Rice said.

"Nancy Pelosi was a great speaker".

After briefly addressing the health care bill unveiled Tuesday by Senate Republicans, Pelosi spent the bulk of her weekly news conference playing down the special election losses, defending her leadership and lashing out at a cadre of "blatantly self-serving" internal critics inside the House Democratic Caucus.

"Her life wasn't ideal, like none of us are", he said. That a win in Georgia was going to be a huge referendum on what they perceive as unhappiness with the GOP party and our president blanketing the American landscape.

  • Zachary Reyes