London fire: Refrigerator short circuit cause of 79 deaths

London's Metropolitan Police say the deadly Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people started in a refrigerator and freezer, the BBC reported on Friday.

Manslaughter charges are being considered by detectives investigating the Grenfell Tower fire in London as it emerged the structure had failed fire safety tests.

Police are seizing "relevant material from a number of organizations", McCormack told reporters, without naming the companies or authorities involved. 'The initial tests on the cladding tiles also failed the safety tests'.

The deadly blaze has stoked fears in the United Kingdom over how many other high-rise buildings are also covered in combustible cladding.

"Preliminary tests show the insulation samples collected from Grenfell Tower combusted soon after the tests started".

"We want to identify all those who died as result of the fire at Grenfell Tower, and that is where I need the public's help", McCormack said.

Documents and materials have been seized from a number of organisations as part of this process, the police said. "That's the number I'm really anxious about", she said.

However, the company said anyone who believes they may have model numbers FF175BP or FF175BG should make contact.

Police have said that the fire was not started deliberately and that the fridge-freezer involved in the incident was never subjected to a product recall before.

Downing Street said the testing facility being used to check council and housing association buildings was also available to the owners of private blocks who were being encouraged to use it.

Despite the concerns, a fire safety expert had declared the buildings safe in a review this week, and "robust" safety measures included fire detectors and smoke alarms in every room, a company spokesman said.

She said the police had already shared its findings with the government's Department for Communities and Local Government, recommending they immediately share the findings with town and city councils across the country.

It added that there is "no specific reason" for people with one of these fridge-freezers to switch them off pending further investigation.

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower Disaster, authorities in the United Kingdom have been scrambling to assess a number of buildings to see if they have the same type of cladding that appears to have fuelled the flames.

- The number of people confirmed dead, presumed dead, or missing remains at 79 and it will take at least until the end of the year for all the bodies to be removed, such is the danger and complexity of the investigation. Premier Inn said Friday it had "concerns" about the material on some of its buildings, though it is different to the type used on Grenfell.

The move comes as it emerged about 600 high-rise towers across England had used similar cladding to that on Grenfell Tower in London.

  • Leroy Wright