Jamie Foxx Stars in TriStar Pictures "Baby Driver"

Wright's work as a director here is impressive, considering he avoids the computers to create his intense pursuits in favor of shooting the thrills the old fashion way and it pays off from the second the Baby Driver starts.

Doc (Kevin Spacey) plays the role of a mysterious kingpin and a veteran criminal mastermind who wants Baby to pull off a heist which is doomed to fail. This means that, although Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx are scary enough - Hamm firmly slamming the door on his clean-cut Don Draper years here - Baby Driver remains an upbeat popcorn movie (John Landis' cult classic Blues Brothers may have also been an influence on Wright's mix of music and mayhem).

No one handles a vehicle like Baby, the title character in Edgar Wright's sixth feature film, "Baby Driver", opening Friday.

Ansel Elgort plays a fresh-faced getaway driver who obsessively syncs his vehicle chases to the music on his iPod. Calling Baby Driver's numerous visual and aural flourishes and action sequences movements is appropriate, since it functions first and foremost as a jukebox musical, secondarily as a character study, and the action and comedy are merely on hand as punctuation.

Marvel fans were thrown for quite the loop back in May 2014, when it was revealed that director Edgar Wright left Ant-Man, after spending almost a decade developing the project, even before Marvel Studios was created.

The auto chases are old school. The title isn't taken directly from the Simon & Garfunkel song, but Wright admits listening to the tune a lot as a kid since it was in his parents' record collection.

Elgort's Baby is a lovable, peaceful goofball who bounces and bops his way through unsafe situations, but as the film progresses, the actor (in his best performance) makes sure that the weight of the character's life choices come crashing down upon him in a hurry.

When the movie opens, Baby is a young man who uses earbuds - and rotating iPods - to drown out his tinnitus.

Overall, I give Baby Driver 3.25 out of 4 stars. Wright takes the "no honour among thieves" credo to its logical, lethal, and fatal extremes, and whenever Baby Driver needs to take a turn for the serious, no amount of fun, investment, or tension is lost because the characters are constantly moving and evolving throughout. Jon Hamm ditches his GQ look and goes trashy as Buddy the bank robber who teams with his gun-toting wife Darling (Eiza González) to make a unique pair of crooks. I was able to do the one where I gave the lady back her purse, I did the auto trick. "Atlanta already has sort of legendary traffic, so we did not help". "It was magical in that way", said Foxx.

"Now I'm a total auto guy and I love driving stick".

The actor/singer/dancer/musician/model is also a painter and a star athlete, and what's more, he makes it all look easy.

Considering all the muscle cars "Baby Driver", does that make him a vehicle guy? I did four or five stunts. To be honest, I would have done even more.

  • Salvatore Jensen