E3 2017: Microsoft Isn't Making Money On The $500 Xbox One X

Sure, you'll be able to play original Xbox games on Xbox One soon, but don't expect the library available to be as extensive as Xbox 360's.

According to Spencer, Microsoft's mindset is that the hardware component of the video game console business is not that part that will make money for companies. Spencer pointed out the 40% faster GPU as well as the Xbox One X's bigger memory (12GB, as opposed to the PS4 Pro's 8GB) as some of the main advantages Microsoft's console has, but 4K gaming seems to be the biggest differentiator.

When it comes to the central processing unit (CPU), the PlayStation 4 has a slight lag compared to the Xbox One X as well. When asked about whether or not Microsoft is concerned about the Xbox One X coming in at a price $100 higher than that of the PS4 Pro, he took a somewhat predictable angle.

The added services will surely attract new buyers to both the console and more importantly to the Game Pass as well.

Do you think PS4 Pro is a Xbox One competitor?

It is capable of powering 4K games, which requires bleeding edge technology (read: expensive technology).

"There are many people that come in and just want an affordable console that plays all of the games that we've shown here, plays them with great HDR support". The software will keep getting updates across all platforms for the Xbox One.

"Emulation is hard. Xbox 360 specifically is a PowerPC chip, emulated to x86, which is difficult".

Original Xbox games are not the only thing from the 16-year-old console to be making a comeback.

During said event, we were told the price of the console at launch, with it set to cost £449 / $499 / 499 euros when it launches on November 7.

Ybarra replied back to a fan asking if the current Software Development Kit for the Xbox One X is complete or are they still working on it.

  • Arturo Norris