Donald Trump is 'very supportive' of Senate healthcare bill: White House

Media critic Brian Stelter tweeted a picture of artist Bill Hennessy's rendering of Friday's briefing.

At the press meeting without cameras, Spicer was actually questioned about the ban on cameras, and he said, "Some days we'll do it". While the sketches drew some admiration for CNN, s innovative use of images a few conservative media voices dismissed them as nothing more than a publicity stunt a claim that the channel was quick to refute by stating that the sketches served a journalistic objective by painting a picture of the proceedings for viewers who were unable to see the video.

The White House has banned videotaping and photos at some of its press briefings lately, so CNN chose to send a sketch artist.

Baldasaro defended himself after his White House appearance, calling his anti-Clinton statements "just an opinion".

Spicer said it was the right of reporters to play to the cameras "but it's our job to make sure that we're providing updates and readouts of what the president is doing and the advances he is making on his agenda".

One suggestion made on Twitter was that CNN's sketch artist progressively draw Mr Spicer "fatter and fatter until he demands cameras". Though if we're being totally honest, most of the reactions to Hennessey's drawings weren't all that serious - especially when it came to obvious but welcome comparisons to a-ha's music video for "Take On Me." Michael Horne tweeted. "This time it's the forgotten men and women sketch artist's of America".

US President Donald Trump is very pleased with the draft healthcare bill Senate Republican leaders have unveiled and wants to continue to "push it forward", the White House said on Friday.

Asked Friday about off-camera briefings, Spicer showed no sign of relenting.

A senior administration official and three people familiar with the potential changes said Monday that Spicer has discussed taking a more senior communications role at the White House.

"I think the fact is that Spicer has become the story and a point of ridicule too often, which seems to be particularly upsetting to President Trump".

  • Leroy Wright