Dennis Rodman Claims He Asked North Korea to Release Otto Warmbier

Sentenced to hard labor early a year ago for stealing a political poster from a North Korean hotel, Warmbier was medically evacuated to the United States in a coma last week after almost 18 months in captivity.

The spokesman said North Korea could not understand why Mr. Warmbier died so suddenly after returning home because his health indicators were "normal" upon his release.

Sun said that he was unfamiliar with the hotel hallway that appeared in the surveillance tape released by North Korean officials allegedly showing Warmbier's removing a poster from the wall.

Doctors at the hospital said Warmbier had suffered a severe neurological injury from an unknown cause.

His family and others have blamed North Korea for his condition. "To make it clear, we are the biggest victim of this incident and there would be no more foolish judgment than to think we do not know how to calculate gains and losses".

North Korea is now holding three other US citizens.

China and the U.S. agree that North Korea's nuclear program represents a major threat to peace and security and has called for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, the USA secretaries of state and defense said after meeting their Chinese colleagues.

"The action items we have agreed upon today have set a foundation for additional areas of cooperation and we look forward to our next interaction at this level and between our two presidents", said the top USA diplomat. He said North Korea's treatment of Otto demonstrated "a basic disregard for human rights, for human dignity".

He was sentenced in March 2016 to 15 years in prison with hard labour.

China's state-run Global Times newspaper said Chinese officials must be wary that Warmbier's death might push Washington to put greater pressure on Beijing, but China would not act as a "U.S. ally" on the issue.

Dennis Rodman, the NBA All Star who developed a personal relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, suggested Friday that his recent visit to the country might have had something to do with Warmbier's release.

"He told him it's just like every other country", an insider told Page Six after Strahan landed a controversial interview with Rodman following his return from the country's capital, Pyongyang. "At least I know China tried!" We jumped up and down...

"Some good things came of this trip".

22-year-old American Otto Warmbier died less than a week after his return to the United States after almost a year and a half in North Korean detention.

"We didn't want to share it", said Mickey Bergman, who worked on negotiations for Warmbier's release, referring to the fact Warmbier was Jewish.

Wambier's parents cited "awful, torturous mistreatment" by North Korea.

"What am I getting out of this?"

  • Joanne Flowers