Court drops charges against pro-life activists who filmed Planned Parenthood executives

Other state dollars potentially could be used as well, he said, if committing them to Planned Parenthood "would be consistent with the intent of the legislature when it appropriated the funds".

The key difference between FQHCs and Planned Parenthood clinics is this: the founders of FQHCs aim to provide the uninsured with good health care; the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist.

As Congress moves closer to gutting the Affordable Care Act, access to Planned Parenthood health centers are hanging in the balance.

"For millions of women, it's their primary health care!" Since Democrats are expected to vote against the GOP proposal and Republican leaders championing it are expected to vote for it, the Republican senators with doubts are the ones to target.

The only thing "defunding" Planned Parenthood does is prevent millions of women who rely on Medicaid and other federal programs from accessing preventative low-priced healthcare services, including cancer screenings, HIV and STI testing, that they can not get anywhere else.

More than 80,000 people use Planned Parenthood services in Florida and thousands of those patients rely on Medicaid.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party on Tuesday released Republican Sen.

Services for men and women include birth control, testing, treatment and vaccines for HIV and sexually transmitted infections, abortion services, cervical cancer screenings, breast exams (not mammograms) and testicular and prostate cancer screenings.

Planned Parenthood supporters have been a driving force mobilizing against this unsafe bill.

Planned Parenthood is basing this claim off language that's in both the House and Senate bills, but it's not quite as wide-ranging as the ad makes it sound: It's confined to people on Medicaid-the government healthcare plan for the poor.

"We're here to say, no decision will be made for us, without us", said Jessica Semler, public-affairs director of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania.

Currently, Medicaid patients can go to Planned Parenthood for any service except for abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin strongly opposes the newly released Senate version of the American Health Care Act. They will not stay silent as politicians vote to take away their care and their rights.

Yet Richard's rhetoric on the impact of Planned Parenthood closures in Iowa is, for the most part, false. For so many individuals, particularly those living in rural and underserved areas, Planned Parenthood is that provider and oftentimes, the only one. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that under the AHCA, half of the USA population would live in states that waived EHBs. It says it's the only women's health clinic in 105 counties nationwide.

  • Leroy Wright