Chinese foreign minister holds talks with Aziz in Pak

The issue of security and Pak-Afghan tension was actively discussed on the sidelines of the recently-held Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Astana where Pakistan and India were admitted to the SCO fold as full members, the insider said.

The remarks came as Shahbaz and the visiting and the visiting Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, discussed matters of mutual interest, CPEC and regional situation during a meeting held at the Prime Minister's House, Islamabad. "It has been firmly opposing terrorism and it has made important sacrifice and contribution to fighting terrorism and maintaining regional security and stability", Geng said.

China's Foreign Minister, Wang Yi arrived in Kabul on Sunday morning for scheduled talks with a number of high-ranking government officials. Muhammad Zaland's presentation conveyed the view that a stable and strong Afghanistan did not suit Pakistan's strategic interests, and that the recent emergence of ISIS in Afghanistan was in no way linked to ISIS operating in Iraq or Syria.

Dilshad said India's efforts to exert influence in Afghanistan have failed to yield results and Kabul as well as Western powers are realising that Pakistan's role of engagement is essential for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The Chief Minister said friendship between the two countries has been converted into economic cooperation, and the two countries hold identical opinion on regional and global matters.

He also expressed gratitude for the active role China has played in the efforts of Afghanistan and Pakistan in improving ties.

China today asked the USA to respect Pakistan's sovereignty and backed its all-weather ally for being on the "forefront" of the fight against terrorism, amid reports that the Trump administration is exploring tough measures against Islamabad for harbouring militant groups. "This corridor will not only promote bilateral development of two countries, but will also contribute to the development and prosperity in the region", he said.

"We know that there is some concern about the corridor but we keep stressing that this economic corridor is just an economic initiative for cooperation", he added.

In a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the Chinese minister said that Beijing stood by Pakistan for its development and curbing the menace of terrorism in the country. "We hope that the dispute between India and Pakistan could be resolved by consultation and negotiation", he reiterated.

Reportedly, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is presently in the United Kingdom, has extended personal assurances to Beijing for foolproof security to Chinese nationals and to take adequate steps for ensuring peaceful business and investor-friendly climate in Pakistan. There will be several meeting between the Chinese officials and Pakistani leadership on friendly ties and future projects. "We stand by Pakistan and its people during this time of agony", he added.

He said a new era of development and progress has ushered in Pakistan due to projects of CPEC.

  • Leroy Wright