Casey Heads To Pennsylvania To Hammer Senate Health Bill

For all of its myriad complexities, Obamacare sought to achieve a longstanding and easily articulated goal of the Democratic Party: seeing that most everyone in the nation had affordable health insurance.

"It's a very complicated situation from the standpoint, you do something that's good for one group but bad for another". Comparing their bill to inflated spending estimates allows Republicans to spend more ObamaCare money than honest budgeting would.

House Republicans barely managed to muster enough votes with a series of last-minute amendments before the chamber passed a highly criticized Obamacare replacement plan last month.

Mr McConnell is reportedly looking to schedule a vote on the bill sometime before the 4 July Congressional recess, which does not give much time to deliver what Mr Obama called "the kind of leadership that appeals to Americans across party lines". In fact, it amends the existing law. By making that change, the near-elderly working poor would be able to afford coverage, and the poverty trap would be eliminated. She said that a loss in federal funding could be detrimental to patients who rely on health care services including dentistry, OB/GYN, and pediatric medicine. "But also, it would have an effect on patients themselves because it would limit their ability to get care". It keeps the pre-existing protections, but gets rid of any incentive for healthy people to buy insurance.

Passage would move President Donald Trump and the GOP closer to one of their marquee pledges - erasing Obama's 2010 statute. Which doesn't mean that anyone would believe that he actually knows what's in it. They have been for a long time. Or else their voters would have seen them as failures.

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst is suggesting Iowans would not be losing Medicaid coverage even as the Senate GOP health care bill would phase out financing to expand the low-income insurance program.

Republicans have been promising full ObamaCare repeal for seven years.

For many, it will be no care at all.

For all the sturm und drang of the GOP's years of yelling about Obamacare's problems, this bill isn't created to fix them. Lawmakers should have a genuine goal. "It's an unfortunate circumstance that they're trying to rush this thing through in less than a week".

Though the Senate GOP's bill repeals the individual mandate, the legislation maintains numerous ACA tax credits that have helped people buy insurance.

What they'll have done will hurt many, many people - tens of millions, ultimately.

"There are lots of frustrated senators saying they didn't like the process of writing this bill, [but] none of them saying they would use their power to do anything about it", says Zwillich.

  • Larry Hoffman