Arianna Huffington pushing for Sheryl Sandberg to become Uber's next CEO

According to Recode, the board had considered former Disney Chief Operating Officer Tom Staggs, Helena Foulkes from CVS and various executives of media and transportation companies. The board director Bill Gurley is focused on finding new leadership of the company as soon as possible.

Uber is looking for a new CEO after Travis Kalanick resigned as the company's chief executive on Tuesday after being forced from the job by top investors in the company.

One of the investors pushing for Kalanick's resignation included venture capital firm Benchmark. The investors made their demand for Mr. Kalanick to step down in a letter delivered to the chief executive while he was in Chicago, said the people with knowledge of the situation.

As one former employee said, "You put in someone who's more benign or more PC or more timid, and you really think Uber will make it to their valuation or IPO?"

Uber has declined to issue any further statements.

Kalanick released a brief statement to the Times, announcing his departure. Twenty Uber employees were recently fired after the harassment investigation, and the head of its autonomous vehicle program was sacked for refusing to cooperate in the lawsuit. Two outside investigations found sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation against those who complained. Furthermore, Uber can take more positive steps in the direction of improving the overall company and culture. These investors have also been with Uber right from the beginning.

But that aggressive - some might say reckless - approach may have paved the way for Uber's recent controversies.

Kalanick, who helped founded Uber in 2009 and led it to become one of Silicon Valley's highest flying start-ups, will stay on Uber's board of directors, a company official confirmed.

If this really is an entirely "new chapter" for Uber, Kalanick's input needs to be seen through a different lense.

Uber has continually come up against major roadblocks concerning its treatment of customers and employees.

Uber's Chief Business Officer Emil Michael left the company last week. The resignation comes shortly after a series of other scandals involving Uber including sexual harassment, fellow board member David Bonderman making sexist comments in a company meeting, and a full-blown internal company investigation led by the Attorney General.

  • Zachary Reyes