A White House press briefing as told by CNN's sketch artist

News organizations and the White House Correspondents' Association have protested the Trump administration's decision to scale back on-camera press briefings to unprecedented levels.

Here's a look at the results.

The White House has held televised briefings since the 1990s, but things have now changed, and without a given reason.

The artist, Bill Hennessy, did not use his easel but stood in the back of the press room to provide an image to document the affair.

White House insiders have suggested Office of Budget and Management Director Mick Mulvaney, a former SC congressman to replace to him.

In a hush-hush memo sent out to members of the White House press corp the night before, those planning to attend Thursday's press briefing were told not to bother bringing anything more than a pen and paper.

Mr. Mason's memo capped a week in which some journalists, notably at CNN, expressed increasing frustration with the White House's decree that audio recordings of the briefings could not be broadcast until the question-and-answer session had concluded.

With the White House banning cameras at some press briefings, CNN sent a sketch artist to "paint a picture for viewers who couldn't be in the room".

Asked Friday about off-camera briefings, Spicer showed no sign of relenting.

United States media went back to the past on Friday to cover the daily White House press briefing, after President Donald Trump's administration banned cameras from the event.

The White House has been holding daily press meetings and broadcasting them for decades now. How do I make - ask some snarky question?' You can actually focus on the substance of the issues.So days in which the President was speaking, we would generally do an off-camera gaggle. "I think that it's sad that they have chosen to play partisan politics instead of trying to have a seat at the table". "We've been talking about reforming health care for a number of years; I don't think it's moving too fast".

  • Salvatore Jensen