4 winners and 3 losers from a busy 2017 NBA Draft

Lonzo Ball, selected with the 2nd overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers, tops the list as the early favorite for the honor. But that was only the beginning.

Long the league laughingstock, it's the Sixers' turn to clap back, with Embiid and Ben Simmons poking fun on Twitter at Lonzo Ball and his father, LaVar.

Markelle Fultz is a self-described hard worker and that diligence paid dividends Thursday (Friday in Manila) as the Philadelphia 76ers made him the first overall pick in the 2017 National Basketball Association entry draft.

Booker's college teammate, Karl-Anthony Towns took the opportunity to interject with a joke, "Well I was cool being #1".

As the book closes on the 2017 NBA Draft, the league takes a bit of a break before going full throttle into the free agency portion of the off-season. "Following behind him is going to be tough, but I am looking forward to it".

Embiid and Dario Saric will finish in the top three when rookie of the year results get announced on June 26, and Simmons is expected to be ready for next season after recovering from foot surgery. One of the most valuable is certainly the Lakers' first rounder.

During the second round of the draft on Thursday, some fans at the Barclays Center made a decision to have a little fun by spoiling the news of a few picks.

For the last four years, the mantra of the Philadelphia 76ers has been "trust the process".

Celtics receive: #3 overall pick (Jayson Tatum), 2018 Lakers 1st round pick if it falls between pick 2-5, and 2019 Kings 1st round pick (#1 protected) if Lakers pick doesn't convey.

The (City) and two (team name) mentions should show you just how silly the marketing around major sporting events can be.

The Sacramento Kings chose to pick a guard with the 5th pick as they selected De'Aaron Fox out of Kentucky. Utah forward Kyle Kuzma went to Brooklyn at No. 27, and he was included in the D'Angelo Russell-Brook Lopez deal with the Lakers.

Dunn was plagued by a concussion last season, LaVine tore his ACL and played just 47 games. He was the predominant choice of the experts and general managers to be the first overall pick. If Indiana keeps him, it's a lost season knowing their best player isn't even someone they can continue to build around him.

However, the Dallas Mavericks started the freshmen trend over again with the No. 9 pick selecting freshmen Dennis Smith voted the freshmen of the year in the ACC.

Kevin Pritchard on trade market for Paul George: "There's enough on the board we feel good about".

Fultz is widely considered the best talent in this draft, and rightly so.

  • Zachary Reyes