Yukon bar's stolen cocktail toe returned, and with an apology

Tourism Yukon has started a odd (but they insist, very real) search for donated human toes.

The fine used to be $500, until one patron blatantly disregarded the rule by downing the cocktail, toe and all, before slamming the fee on the table.

A mummified human toe that is a part of a long-standing drink tradition has been returned after it was stolen from a hotel bar.

The unidentified suspect relayed the same message to the hotel staff along with an apology. It's typically served with a shot of whiskey, and drinkers must touch the toe to their lips to become an official member of the club.

Liken preserved the toe in alcohol and it lay untouched until its redicovery 50 years later by another local, Captain Dick Stevenson, who decided he would take it to the Downtown Hotel and introduce it to the drinks of foolhardy customers as a stunt.

No charges are expected to be filed in the case.

Lee said, while the bar does have backup toes, "we really need this one back".

On the afternoon of June 22, the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City received the package and Corporal Jeff Myke from Dawson City RCMP was sent to attend the opening of the package to be sure it was safe.

Police dropped by the hotel after it had received the envelope to ensure there was nothing nefarious enclosed.

The package, containing both the toe and a letter of apology, arrived Thursday and was opened by an RCMP officer, who said the toe was believed to be in "good condition". The hotel's policy states anyone guilty for stealing a sour toe will be fined up to $2,500, but management previously stated the fine would be waived if the toe was returned safely.

  • Leroy Wright