Video from HTC previews some new Edge Sense features

With a simple squeeze on the phone's edges, users can launch their favorite apps, take pictures, text on the go as it triggers the "Ok Google" mode, and do a lot more.

It has been used as a stick to beat Moto Mods, as well as LG's modular G5, and now the word is being cast at HTC to deride the squeezable Edge Sense feature on the new U11 flagship.

In Google Maps, a squeeze will zoom in from the default zoomed out view. In the calendar app, a squeeze will slide the month view out. The latest video from the company shows off a few new functions. You'll also be able to answer and end calls, disable alarms, and pause YouTube videos with a squeeze. There is one thing to note if you're looking to pick up a Solar Red HTC U11 in the United Kingdom, though - you can only get it with dual-SIM functionality. This seems particularly half baked.

The Ausdroid staff here who have used the HTC U11 love the device and think HTC may have a hit on their hands if their can get it into the thinking of people.

Are you interested at all in the upcoming Edge Sense features?

HTC doesn't detail when these changes will be made available, but rather, they're all "on the roadmap".

  • Arturo Norris