United States approves sale of drones to India: General Atomics

The two leaders are "innovators, businessmen", committed to the prosperity of their people, the official said, and the June 26 meetings will be part of "relationship building".

"They'll move from the press statements to a cocktail reception".

Refusing to give further details, he said that all matters of bilateral interests will be on the table, adding, "The leaders will have an entire gamut of relationship in front of them when they talk".

The Trump-Modi meeting comes at a time of frustration in Washington and other global capitals with the pace of economic reforms in India.

Successive governments, irrespective of political ideologies, have stuck to the economic agenda of opening up Indian markets and giving access to U.S. companies to sell their products in India.

Besides the pressure on opening up, Trump's "America First" rhetoric will bring some other challenges to India-US relations, which are likely to come up in the meeting between Trump and Modi.

"Now, of course, we've seen rapid growth in the defence and security partnership over the last few years, and President Trump very much wants to build on that momentum". What makes the MNNA status crucial is that it makes the country eligible for priority delivery of defence material, an expedited arms sale process, and a U.S. loan guarantee program, which backs up loans issued by private banks to finance arms exports. When Modi was sworn in to office in May 2014, many wondered how his personal history would impact what had become an increasingly important bilateral relationship over the years.

Counter-terrorism would be another major area of discussion.

Experts do not see any ironing out of these contentious issues, albeit India has conveyed it's concerns, and like Sushma Swaraj put it in a media interaction recently, that authorities are in talks with all stakeholders including Senators and others to make sure Indian business interests are safeguarded. "They've had very good, constructive and warm conversations", he said. The US has sent its warships into the waters, asserting its freedom to navigate in the worldwide waters.

Trump has been outspoken about the United States losing out on bilateral trade deficits.

Aziz Ahmed, a villager, said he was sure the new name would stick even without official approval.

Indian energy companies have signed over $32 billion in long-term contracts for the export of US-produced liquefied natural gas, including from Louisiana and Maryland, he said.

His visit comes at a time of vast uncertainty and unpredictability in Indian-US relations.

Today, almost four million Indian Americans are in the United States, and more than 166,000 Indian students are studying in the USA, contributing $5 billion in economic activity and supporting an estimated 64,000 American jobs, the official said.

To a query on how preparations for the Modi-Trump meeting were going on considering the United States leader's "maverick nature", Baglay said, "I don't agree with your description of the president". So I think this is an area where I think they can expand that dialogue on what they can do to help the economy, help Afghanistan become more self-sufficiently financially. When PM Narendra Modi meets Trump, it can use the opportunity to persuade United States to put pressure on Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. This would create loci of interaction away from Washington, DC and New Delhi, a concept that should appeal to both leaders. The Obama administration quietly dropped the ban when Modi became Prime Minister.

  • Leroy Wright