Trump proposes installing solar panels on the wall near Mexican border

Mr Trump also said immigrants to the U.S. will soon be barred from being on welfare for their first five years, reported the Washington Post. Axios reported earlier this month that Trump pitched the solar panel idea to congressional leaders in a closed-door meeting, though it's not clear how serious he was.

Trump told a rally of fans in Cedar Rapids that his plan for the wall involves solar panels, so it generates energy and "pays for itself".

"I could tell you stories, I could give you stats, I could go on all day", he said.

"Our intent is to offer a realistic, no-nonsense design for the wall that pays for itself" and "will make everybody happy including our president", Gleason said. The southern border: lots of sun, lots of heat.

While Donald Trump has been stuck on his plan to build a "great great" wall at the US-Mexico border, time and again he has been reminded by the experts that this is a poor idea coming from a poor head (No pun intended). "Solar walls, panels, beautiful", he word vomited out.

"We're thinking of something that's unique".

US President Donald Trump and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto.

Trump also called Washington, D.C. a "swamp", comparing it unfavorably to places like Iowa, where so-called real Americans, even though he has appointed one career politician after the other to positions of power within his administration.

"I think it's a more realistic idea than Mexico paying for the wall, I don't think that's going to happen", Carly Fiorina, former 2016 presidential candidate and HP CEO, said during an interview with FOX Business.

After wins in South Carolina, Kansas and Montana, Mr Trump's Republicans have now won all four special elections held since his inauguration in January, leaving Democrats demoralised as they seek to snatch control of Congress in next year's mid-term elections.

He said: "We're 5-0 in special elections".

Several companies have submitted prototypes of the wall with solar panels with the same idea in mind. According to the BBC, twenty companies had been shortlisted for the wall building.

"Mr. President, the campaign is over", said the letter in the Gazette.

  • Leroy Wright