Trump adviser who advocated violence visits White House

But the timing of Thursday's prohibition on live broadcasts - and of previous bans - suggests another motivation: ducking the spotlight in key moments. If you're a Trump supporter and you're OK with his secrecy, how would you feel if this were a Democratic administration?

Most importantly, the public was left in the dark.

"President Trump and others within the White House are either ignoring or outright flouting these responsibilities", the suit reads.

Inch by inch by inch, the administration has been rolling back press access, which means less information for the public.

Meanwhile, no one complained when Barack Obama's administration did not hold daily on-camera briefings.

Answers from Spicer are now shorter, and in off-camera briefings, reporters are frequently prohibited from recording audio as the administration seeks to tailor its message toward policy, instead of the Russian Federation investigation, The Hill reports. They added the prohibition on audio broadcasting of some of the off-camera briefings earlier this month. So you're actually looking at this artist rendering of press secretary Sean Spicer giving the answers.

"I don't believe, and the president has said this as well, that anybody that goes out and tries to highlight those kinds of actions, should not be welcome", said Spicer. "I've asked. Still waiting for a response". CNN did not send a cartoonist in order to make fun of the briefing.

Then the control room cut away to Wolf Blitzer, who explained the prohibition.

Acosta responded with a lame comeback, claiming he only wants the on-camera daily briefings for the sake of "transparency". Bill Hennessy, who is usually scribbling Supreme Court hearings, got a new assignment from CNN to cover Sean Spicer's Friday afternoon briefing. The briefings have been held on camera.

Referencing a January 24 report in The Wall Street Journal, the plaintiffs pointed to the White House staff's use of Signal, an encrypted peer-to-peer messaging application. He falsely said CNN had turned off its cameras because of booing.

Some in the White House, including Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, thought that would be a good idea.

"Using certain communications technology that prevents the preservation of a record nearly from when it is created deprives and will continue to deprive the plaintiffs of eventual access to the documentary history of this presidency", the complaint said.

CNN's Jake Tapper addressed the matter on Tuesday's edition of "The Lead". The three people said he has reached out to possible successors at the podium and as communications director. The picnic directly follows an "in-house pool spray" at the doors of the Palm Room of the White House at 7 p.m., which should make for a lovely lighting situation for photographs.

"The president is very supportive of the Senate bill". Nor is he much interested in upholding the oath he took on Inauguration Day, promising to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". She is already highly paid for her work as a right-wing radio host and Fox News contributor, and has said she might run for Senate from Virginia next year.

Trump allegedly breaking the Presidential Records Act should no longer surprise Americans because even a basic golf rule on not driving a #golf cart on the greens, the real estate billionaire had violated.

  • Carolyn Briggs