Trump Acknowledges Russian Election Meddling After Previously Calling Investigation a 'Witch Hunt'

And when, a month before the election, the intelligence community did unveil its consensus conclusion that Russian Federation was trying to control an American election, it happened on the same day as the first WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta emails and the appearance of the Access Hollywood video of Trump talking crudely about his ability to sexually assault women.

But other administration officials look back on the Russian Federation period with remorse.

Former FBI Director James Comey recently told senators during Congressional testimony that Trump never asked him about how to stop a future Russian election cyberattack. "I feel like we sort of choked".

They say the administration was anxious about appearing to try to influence the election themselves, as well as provoking Russian Federation. Trump's presidency has thus far been hampered by parallel investigations into Russian collusion into his campaign, and it has been reported he himself is under investigation for obstruction of justice.

Comey said it should be special counsel Robert Mueller's task to determine whether Trump had obstructed justice, and therefore, had opened himself up to possible impeachment proceedings, keeping the allegations on Russian Federation in mind.

"Our primary interest in August, September, and October was to prevent them from doing the max they could do", a senior Obama administration official told The Post. "But given everything we were dealing with, given, first of all, the perception that Russia's main objective is undermine confidence in the elections, that was one thing that motivated us, to be careful how we played this in public", he said.

It wasn't immediately clear exactly what inspired the president's tweet. Trump did say, however, that Mueller is an "honorable man".

While Putin's popularity remains high, nearly three years of economic decline have plunged millions into poverty and the Kremlin is sensitive to allegations of high-level corruption.

At the time, White House officials said the move was due to harassment of USA personnel in Russia, CBS News reported Friday. "Meanwhile, the Russians were playing this much bigger game, which included elements like released hacked materials, political propaganda and propagating fake news, which they'd pursued in other countries".

Trump on Friday suggested in a television interview that special counsel Robert Mueller has a close personal relationship with fired FBI director James Comey that could disqualify Mueller from credibly overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. The report, published on Friday, claims that Putin had given direct instructions to help elect Trump. "I think [the administration] could have done a better job informing the American people of the extent of the attack", he said. Specifically, the N.S.A. was skeptical because some of the C.I.A.'s critical intelligence on Russian Federation came from another country, officials said. Will the Trump administration and its allies in Congress do anything other than wish the whole thing away?

  • Zachary Reyes