Sen. Dean Heller Is the First Moderate "No" on Trumpcare

BRCA will result in many Americans-especially low- and moderate-income and older Americans-paying thousands more in premiums for skimpier health plans.

As a military veteran who uses the VA, and as someone who now works in the health care field, I believe a single-payer Medicare-for-all system is the only one that will truly work.

Texas' two US senators are split over their chamber's version of a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. It did not sound like a lengthier phase-out of the Medicaid expansion would satisfy Heller the way it might satisfy, say, Ohio Sen.

"This bill that's now in front of the United States Senate is not the answer", Mr Heller, a moderate who is up for re-election in 2018, said at a news conference in Las Vegas.

He pulled out the Senate Republican bill.

The Senate bill is similar to the version of the House measure that passed last month.

"Someone has to pay for these people one way or another", she said, "So, it has to be done, I think, in a fairer way than what Republicans are proposing, one that doesn't just shift the burden to states or the people who need the health care the most".

Yesterday the Republican leadership in the Senate released a draft bill to replace it, with a vote set for next week.

He acknowledged that Republicans have long promised to repeal the ACA, but urged lawmakers to put aside partisan politics while working to address America's health care system.

The Senate measure would make major cuts in the Medicaid program for poor and disabled people. Already, four conservative senators have said they're not at the moment supporting the current form of the bill, but it seems likely that at least some of them can won be back with another round of negotiations.

While neither of Louisiana's Republican U.S. senators has committed to back the Senate GOP health plan, advocacy groups seeking to keep the current federal law intact have their focus squarely on only one of them: physician Bill Cassidy. "It's simply not the answer", he said at a news conference, CNN reports. "But I believe we can get to 'yes'".

"Well, they are also four good guys and they are four friends of mine", said Trump.

Sandoval said Medicaid expansion provided coverage to about 210,000 people in Nevada. The CBO estimates that the House bill would leave 23 million more Americans without health insurance but cut the federal deficit by $110 billion over 10 years.

"For immediate stability of the individual market, there are a lot of things in this bill that are really positive", Grow said.

Mr Trump later criticised the House bill privately as "mean" and this week called for a health plan "with heart".

  • Leroy Wright