Russian warships fire Kalibr cruise missiles, destroy IS arms depots in Syria

Today's precision strike hit a large IS ammunition depot near the town of Aqerbat, which detonated after receiving a direct hit, the Defense Ministry statement noted.

Frigates Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich and Krasnodar submarine have destroyed by Kalibr cruise missiles large depots of armaments and ammunition of the Islamic State terrorists in Syria, Russia's Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The remaining targets were destroyed in subsequent airstrikes, the ministry said.

Turkey and Israel military were warned about the missile launch in a timely manner through communication channels, it added. Submarine "Krasnodar" carried out launches of cruise missiles from an underwater position; Russia Today quoted the Defence Ministry statement. The terrorists who sponsored the attacks were influenced by the Wahhabbi ideology, a ultraconservative distorted version of Islam practiced and preached by Saudi Arabia.

Washington, Jun 23 Russian and USA military officials are still using a special hotline to communicate about operations in Syria, a U.S. official said today, days after Moscow said it was severing the connection. The mosque would have been a symbolic prize for Iraqi forces and the US -led coalition in the fight for Iraq's second-largest city.

"Taking advantage of the dark time and a hard ground relief, the terrorists deploy gunmen via various routes to the Hama province, where later they equip command posts and also depots of armaments and ammunition in large buildings", the ministry said. It said the fighters were trying to move out from Raqa towards Palmyra. He was referring to a Turkish military intervention launched previous year to help Syrian opposition forces drive out IS militants from a border area and to curb advances by Syrian Kurdish fighters.

In response to a question from Rudaw correspondent Namo Abdulla on this matter, US State Dept. Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said: "By backing its coalition partners the United States has taken back a significant amount of territory from ISIS in Syria".

The official said that coalition aircraft made a show of force and conducted a warning maneuver, and the Syrian fighter jet then aborted its trajectory and left the area.

  • Salvatore Jensen