Qatar Downplays Effects of Diplomatic Crisis

More than a week after several Gulf states, Egypt and Libya declared a boycott on Qatar, Iran has come to the aid of its ally in distress.

Pakistan's parliament last week passed a resolution urging the Pakistani government to help mediate the crisis, which could turn out to be disastrous for the regional security and stability.

Turkey has declared its full support to Qatar by offering food supplies and deploying its military troops in Qatar.

Qatar's finance minister said on Monday the world's richest country per capita has the resources to endure and played down the economic toll of the confrontation.

The Turkish leader called on Saudi King Salman to "show leadership" by solving the crisis.

According to Weber, the choice whether to side with Qatar or the rest of the Arab nations could later deeply affect the African countries.

The ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and the Bahraini Charge d'affaires accredited to Turkey met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Ankara on Monday.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt this month announced they had suspended ties with Qatar over the emirate's alleged support for extremists, banning all flights to and from the capital Doha and shutting down the offices of the country's national carrier.

Qatar has denied any links to terrorism or terrorist groups but their documented ties to the Iranian Regime, the leading state sponsor of terror and terrorist groups, speak for themselves.

"Qatar Airways continues to operate to the rest of its network as per its published schedules with day-to-day adjustments for operational and commercial efficiencies", he said, without elaborating further.

"Victimizing Qatar through smear campaigns serves no objective", Erdogan said, urging the Saudi king, as an elder politician in the region, to take the lead in untangling the crisis.

The head of Iran's livestock exporters said they had exported 66 tonnes of meat to Qatar in the last two days.

Qatari authorities said that its ships would travel through Sohar and Salalah, another major port in the sultanate, without docking in any of the ports in the countries that broke off relations.

Dubai, part of the UAE, is also massively important for the import and export of goods because of its huge port Jebel Ali.

  • Carolyn Briggs