North Korea: Donald Trump is a 'Psychopath'

North Korea on Thursday called US President Donald Trump a "psychopath" as tensions soar following the death of American student Otto Warmbier, who was evacuated in a coma from North Korean detention last week.

The comments published by the agency were North Korea's first reaction to Otto Warmbier's death in a us hospital Monday after it released him for what it called humanitarian reasons.

The article said South Korea was tarnishing North Korea's image with "slanderous talk about cruel treatment and torture".

North Korea has denied mistreating Otto Warmbier after the American student was returned to the United States in a coma.

Doctors found he had suffered a "severe neurological injury" of unknown cause after he returned to the U.S. Warmbier's family objected to an autopsy, so the Hamilton County coroner's office conducted only an external examination of his body.

"Unfortunately, the terrible torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today", the family said in a statement.

Mr Warmbier was accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner while visiting North Korea in 2015 and was later convicted of subversion.

A US official said on Thursday that North Korea had conducted another test of a rocket engine believed to be linked to Pyongyang's ICBM programme.

Warmbier's father, Fred Warmbier, told a news conference last week that his son had flourished while at the high school.

North Korean officials told United States envoys that Mr Warmbier contracted botulism after his trial and lapsed into a coma after taking a sleeping pill.

"Being with Otto made life all the more handsome", Alex Vagonis, Warmbier's girlfriend, said.

Otto Warmbier, in a coma, is transferred from a medical transport airplane to an awaiting ambulance at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

The service was held at the 22-year-old's school in OH, before his burial at a nearby cemetery.

"I was just so happy to see the kid released", Rodman said. "He was one of the only guys who would come up to me and ask me how my day was doing and that kind of thing". Warmbier, 21, was detained before boarding his flight to China over an unspecified incident at his hotel, his tour agency told Reuters in January. By North Korea's much belated account, provided via USA envoys to Otto's parents early this month, Otto had been in that condition, in North Korean custody, for well over a year.

In an interview with ABC News, Rodman's agent credited Warmbier's release to Rodman's brief visit to Pyongyang earlier this month.

Colloton, who knew Warmbier since preschool, said his friend knew "pretty much every rap song I think there ever was", and even tried to rap himself.

  • Larry Hoffman