Here's What The Queen Laid Out In Her Speech To Parliament

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump's visit is not mentioned, but Downing Street later confirmed the invitation still stands.

The agenda appears to be deliberately modest in ambition and there were no real surprises, reflecting the Conservative party's weakened position in Parliament.

What was in the speech? Today, it was announced that there will be eight separate bills concerning Brexit put forward to MPs.

The government, May wrote in the statement, is committed to working with lawmakers, regional officials and others "to build the widest possible consensus" on Brexit after the hard divorce talks with the European Union opened Monday in Brussels.

By the time of the Queen's speech, there was no word of a deal and DUP members were telling reporters that they were astonished by the inefficiency of the May's office and insisting they would not be taken for granted. On immigration, the government is adhering to its undertaking to end the uncontrolled movement of European Union citizens but insists businesses will still be able to access the "the brightest and the best" from around the world. At least 79 people are presumed dead in one of the country's worst disasters in a generation.

While powers will be revised, there was no mention of police resources.

"We will use every opportunity to vote down Government policies that failed to win public support and we will use every opportunity to win support for our programme".

"We will do what is in the national interest and we will work with anyone in any party that is prepared to do the same", she declared.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) responded the the Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament.

The Queen was accompanied by the Prince of Wales in the traditional ceremony in the House of Lords, after Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of Edinburgh had been admitted to hospital as a precaution on Tuesday night.

May's future is unclear after her botched gamble on a snap election left her Conservative Party short of a majority in parliament. Her attempt to secure a larger mandate ahead of the Brexit negotiations backfired with her losing her commanding majority.

But a series of controversial proposals set out in the Conservative manifesto were absent from the speech, and from the list of 27 bills the government hopes to pass.

May called the June 8 snap election expecting an overwhelming victory that would silence dissenters and give her a mandate to push ahead with plans to leave the European Customs Union and drastically limit immigration as the United Kingdom ends its 44-year membership in the EU.

  • Leroy Wright