Cisco Introduces New 'Network of the Future' Solutions Set

Global networking major Cisco has unveiled new "intent-based" networking solutions that were developed with significant inputs from its Global Development Centre in Bengaluru and represent a "significant breakthrough in enterprise networking". The switches will come with an increased range of software subscription options, from the DNA and Cisco One range.

Case in point: Network engineers managing hundreds of devices today will be expected to manage 1 million by 2020. With that in mind, the company has capitalised on its position to capture and analyse data that retains privacy but can also spot anomalies and anticipate issues in real time.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics, or ETA, reconciles the conflicting requirements of security and privacy by achieving the first by not compromising the second, said David Goeckeler, senior vice president and general manager of networking and security, at the company. This will make it harder for cyber attackers to get into systems running on Cisco products, CNBC reported.

"Today we are unveiling a new network for a new era, a network for today's world and tomorrow's".

Altogether, the new services are meant to help enterprises run more intelligent networks with automation features and data analytics.

"The network has never been more critical to business success, but it's also never been under more pressure", he said.

With an all-IP converged network provided by Cisco, Reliance Jio will offer high-speed data, mobile video, VoLTE, digital commerce, media, Cloud and payment services.

Meanwhile, a new Analytics and Assurance platform aims to improve productivity.

In total, 75 enterprises and organizations are conducting early field trials with the company's new products, including DB Systel, Jade University of Applied Sciences, NASA, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Scentsy, UZ Leuven and Wipro.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics. Today, nearly half of cyber-attacks are hidden in encrypted traffic and this number keeps growing.

In addition to Cisco referring to intent-based networking as the "network of the future" in a news release, a Cisco exec elsewhere referred to it as the company's "biggest innovation in the past decade", another exec said it will "change the trajectory of the entire industry" and yet another exec said it was "a quantum leap in the evolution" of Cisco DNA. The Cisco Catalyst 9000 delivers unmatched security, programmability and performance by innovating at the hardware (ASIC) and software (IOS XE) layers. This includes a new family of Catalyst 9000 switches, which are available to order from this month.

Software Subscription. Cisco is now making software subscription an essential element of its flagship campus switching portfolio. Included in this are new learning tracks, sandboxes, and developer support resources for building skills and using APIs.

  • Zachary Reyes