Celtics take Jayson Tatum with 3rd pick in draft

In theory, the No. 1 overall pick is more valuable than the No. 3, hence why the Philadelphia 76ers relinquished a first-round pick in next year's National Basketball Association draft to move up two spots earlier this week.

The #Boston Celtics traded down from the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft to the third pick and that made it look like they were in the ideal position to draft #Josh Jackson of the Kansas Jayhawks. Jayson Tatum certainly fits the mold and if he could be anywhere near the player Paul Pierce was or Paul George is on the court, then trading the No. 1 pick overall was the right move. "For me and my mom for everything we've been through and even for my Dad and everybody back home in St. Louis and the Duke family and everyone is happy for me". Boston had also reportedly considered Kansas' Josh Jackson, but he never worked out for Boston.

Josh Jackson is the better all-around player when comparing him to Jayson Tatum.

It was the second straight year the Celtics have chosen third overall.

"[Tatum] has Paul Pierce-like moves, he will be the ideal fit for the Celtics", former Duke point guard Jay Williams said Thursday on SportsCenter.

"I think he's a great player on the next level", ESPN's Jay Bilas, a former Duke forward, said Thursday on ESPN's Mike & Mike. I grew up a Michigan State fan watching him. If Jackson is not there and Lonzo Ball is, I would take Ball and have the point guard of the future, and I wouldn't worry too much about the psycho father as his 10 minutes of fame will run out once the kid matures.

Tatum also provides some rotation flexibility, with the ability to play both forward spots and defend as many as four positions.

However, Jackson said he is thrilled with where he ultimately landed. "He really wanted me to go up there and work out for them". "When I talked to coach [Mike Krzyzewski], he was obviously very complimentary".

In the NBA Monk will be an undersized shooting guard, which will make it hard for him to create for himself at times.

  • Julie Sanders