Auto bomb kills four outside Mogadishu police station

A suicide auto bomber on Thursday targeted a police station in the Somali capital Mogadishu, killing at least six people, police said.

On Tuesday, nine people were killed in a suicide auto bomb attack that took place outside Wadajir district headquarters, opposite the busy Suuqa-weyn marketplace.

Five people were killed and 10 were wounded today when a vehicle packed with explosives rammed into the wall of a police station in southern Mogadishu, the security ministry said.

Dozens of soldiers were deployed to the scene of the incident.

A man walks past an ambulance and armed security forces at the scene of an attack outside an hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia June 14, 2017.

It's not clear who is behind the attack, but Al-Shabaab militants regularly target high profile areas in the city.

A reporter for VOA's Somali Service, Ahmed Hassan Olad, says the attack targeted the Waberi police station along the busy Maka al-Mukaramah road. On Tuesday, at least 15 people were killed when a suicide vehicle bomber posing as a milk delivery van detonated at a district headquarters in Mogadishu.

Al-Shabaab, which wants to force out African Union peacekeepers, oust the Western-backed government and impose its strict interpretation of Islam on Somalia, claimed responsibility for the attack. It has promised to step up attacks in response to an expanded government offensive.

An ambulance service in Somalia's capital says it has transported seven bodies after a suicide auto bomb attack targeted a police station.

Somali security forces gather at the scene of a suicide auto bomb.

  • Leroy Wright