Angela Merkel will open up Gamescom this year for the first time

This is the first time a high-level politician has opened the European trade and fan event, showing a value and commitment from the German government towards the games industry. It is the second largest trade show of its kind by exhibition space and number of visitors, attracting over 345,000 people previous year. With her visit to Gamescom, she may be looking to play to her strengths - an April poll showed that almost half of first-time voters, those aged 18-21, supported her in the election. Gamescom is today the world's largest event for computer and video games.

You might've seen German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the political arena discussing relationships between Germany and other countries, but this year, you'll also be able to catch the politician during the opening ceremonies of Gamescom 2017 according to the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) and event organizer Koelnmesse. Merkel has been in office since 2005, and those who are assisting with the organization of Gamescom have remarked that they're thrilled to have her there. "Germany needs a strong games industry in order to also secure itself a top position in the digitalised economy".

Gamescom this year is taking place from August 22 to August 26.

Gamescom 2017 will run from August 22-26.

"The participation of the Chancellor is a sign of great appreciation for us".

The Cologne-based show will welcome Merkel as part of an agreement to have the chancellor attend as a play to improve Germany's game industry.

The event is the largest video game trade show in the world, attracting 345,000 visitors from around the world a year ago.

  • Leroy Wright