Alleged Cosby Sex Assault Victim: 'I Wanted It to Stop'

Bill Cosby walks to the courtroom during a break in his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown on Tuesday.

Andrea Constand testified yesterday that Cosby gave her pills and wine before sexually assaulting her, alleging: "I said, 'What are they, are they natural, are they herbal?'" and she said he told her, "These will help you relax".

Before today, Constand had never spoken about Cosby in public, barred from doing so under the terms of a confidential settlement they reached in 2006. Constand's deposition from that lawsuit remains sealed.

Andrea Constand spent the early part of the afternoon telling the jury her story and what she said entertainer Bill Cosby did to her.

Cosby, sitting across the room at the defense table, leaned in to listen, whispered to his lawyer and, at times, shook his head.

Constand said she was "frozen" and unable to move her hands or legs as a result of taking the pills, report the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News and the Wilmington News Journal.

"Eventually, he asked me to come up to his house to talk about basketball", she continued, noting that she also gave him her personal phone number.

Constand's lawyer has disputed that since Constand was dating a woman at the time.

She met him when she ran operations for the women's basketball team at Philadelphia's Temple University (of which Cosby is an alumnus and donor) in 2002.

"After several minutes of talking, I began to slur my words". He said she testified in 1996 about going to Cosby's home after the alleged assault, but Johnson testified Monday that encounter happened beforehand. I could see two of him. But Judge Steven O'Neill, in a victory for Cosby, said the jury could hear only from Constand and Johnson.

"At some point he sat very close to me and commented on my trousers. I also told Mr. Cosby I (had) trouble seeing him", she said. "He was a Temple [University] friend", Constand said of Cosby.

She claims he became flirtatious, grabbing her thigh and later trying to unbutton her trousers.

"I trusted him. I wasn't scared of someone making an advance at me or a pass at me".

The defense questioned Constand's credibility pointing to phone records after the incident showing she called Cosby the same morning she contacted lawyers.

It wasn't immediately clear how soon she would take the stand.

Constand will take the stand again Wednesday.

Cosby has faced allegations of sexual assault from dozens of women, though Constand's accusation is the only one to lead to criminal charges.

Cosby's wife, Camille, was not in court.

Constand is one of at least 60 women who have publicly accused the 79-year-old comedian of sexual assault and/or harassment.

The first law enforcement official to take a statement from Constand was Detective David Mason of the Durham Regional Police Service in Ontario, Canada according to testimony.

Mason, trained as a sexual assault response officer, said he got the impression Constand couldn't remember some details because of the effects of the pills.

"You knew Cosby was a married man, right?" she asked.

Constand recorded a subsequent conversation with Cosby that was played for the jury.

Andrea Constand, now 44, originally told police in Cheltenham, Pa., that she was drugged and molested by Cosby at his Elkins Park home on March 16, 2004, about two months after she now claims the assault occurred.

  • Salvatore Jensen