YouTube Has 1.5 billion Logged-in Monthly Users

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared the news in a blog post the same day she appeared at VidCon, a conference for online video creators in Anaheim, California. Considering that there are a lot of people out there that do not log in to YouTube to watch videos the actual monthly users are gigantic. The premium service has launched 37 original series and movies to date, generating almost a quarter billion views, according to Wojcicki.

Also announced today is that YouTube plans to begin spreading its new video sharing feature more broadly soon.

YouTube is betting on virtual reality (VR) content.

YouTube is also giving people in the USA a way to share videos from YouTube's mobile app with their friends other than by copying and pasting them. The format serves to help creators circumvent the cost and skill required to film 360-degree VR videos, Wojcicki said.

She said that YouTube is working with camera manufacturers like LG, Yi and Lenovo to build new VR180 cameras for "as little as a couple hundred dollars".

The company has seen a growth of 90 percent year-on-year which is an impressive figure since the YouTube TV users are mostly limited to developed European countries and the US.

In a few weeks the service will be available in Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, D.C., Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. The stock, however, is doing well so far this year, gaining over 23% year-to-date.

The key factor that defines YouTube's popularity is the fact that there are 1.5 billion logged-in users visiting the video giant's website every month.

  • Arturo Norris